How Publishing A Book Works

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How Publishing A Book Works

May 28, 2021 Publishing Tips 0

When you get that amazing book idea, you dream of holding your book in your hands. You want to see your family and friends reading your book, and perhaps even get some income from selling your book. Perhaps you imagine that your book will touch the lives of many people and change them positively.

But then here you are, with just an idea. How do you move from the idea to having the final book in your hands?

Well, there are several processes that come into play here.

One of the first things to do is to write the book. Once you have that done, you can move on to the editing stage. Here, an editor goes through your book and gives you valuable feedback on the changes that you can make so that your book can be in the best shape possible.

After that, you move to the design stage. You work with a designer or a team of designers to help bring out what you have in mind for your book.

Next, your book is ready for publishing. At this stage, acquisition of an ISBN is key. Your publisher helps you to acquire an ISBN.

You then move on to the printing stage, and finally, your book is printed!! You can finally hold it in your hands and share it with friends, family and even strangers. You can even give it away as a donation to persons in need whose lives you wish to impact positively.

In this digital age, you can choose to publish your book on global digital marketplaces such as Amazon. This way, your book gets to reach people around the world, touch their lives and make you some money (if you’re selling it).

In a nutshell, that’s how publishing works. In future posts, we’ll look at the steps in more detail. Feel free to send in your questions or comments!

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