Working From Home vs Having an External Office

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When starting up a business, it is a common thing to find many people having their beginnings at home. An idea is birthed, an execution plan, however loose in structure is set in place, and the work begins. Whether it’s work that employs the skills that one has, or whether it is a set of assignments that require liaison with other suppliers and service providers, one can take the initial steps from the comfort of the home. But is that comfort long lasting?


Let’s look at the advantages of working from home.

  1. Flexibility – You can work at any time of day or night.
  2. No need to dress up – what really matters is your output, not your outlook.
  3. Lower costs – These include rent, minimum transport usage, food and other utilities such as the internet. You simply use what you would normally use at home.
  4. Multitasking – You can take care of house matters even as you work, e.g. getting the laundry done, boiling some foods for preservation etc. As a mother, you can be close to your children and attend to them promptly and with ease.


Challenges of working from home

  1. When you work from home, it is difficult to put a stop to your working hours, and this can lead to unhealthy practices and also strained family relationships. Some of the house matters may suffer.
  2. In the same way, work may suffer if house matters present themselves in a more pressing manner.
  3. You don’t have a place to meet clients because if you meet them at home, you invade the privacy of the other family members, and if you meet them at a hotel you incurr extra charges.
  4. You don’t have the benefit of walk-in clients especially if your business is one that can benefit from such.


Having an office has its many advantages.

  1. You have a professional place from which to meet people.
  2. You can separate work and home life.
  3. You have a legal address and your business appears more professional and serious.
  4. You do not have to incur any extra charges when meeting people.
  5. You can have the advantage of walk-in clients.
  6. You can concentrate better on your work with minimal interruptions.


An office comes with its challenges, too.

  1. You will then have additional costs such as rent, power, water, internet, and transport.
  2. You lose time traveling to and fro the office.
  3. You have to dress up and make many arrangements e.g. for the home before you can go to the office.


What would a good balance be?

A good balance would be a situation in which you can work from both the home and the office.

  1. Make the most of the opportunity to work from home.
  2. Make the office a meeting place for clients and make these plans in advance.
  3. If you need walk-in clients, hire someone to be at the office.
  4. To reduce costs, find some people with whom to share the office agreeably. Here are a few tips.
    1. Find people who are known to you and are trustworthy
    2. Cooperative people who will not frustrate you with the payments
    3. Responsible people who will take care of and value the office as much as you do
    4. Helpful people who can stand in for you and vice-versa
    5. And most importantly, get your landlord’s consent to avoid getting into trouble!


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